Friday, January 15, 2010


Hooray! The weekend is here, and actually means something again due to my current employ. I'm also (due to an event involving a certain baby with no socks on and a certain sheepish husband) very glad to be in charge of my baby's care again. Apparently he's been moaning "momomomo" for me all day. The feeling is mutual, little guy. I'm optimistic about this weekend. It involves going out to the bar to celebrate Mike's birthday, hopefully successfully making an angel food cake which is Mike's favourite, and going out to the 'Mongolian Grill' with Mike's family to celebrate the day following.

The Mongolian Grill actually has an interesting story. According to the website, the reason they cook their food over this giant wok-type deal is because of the nomadic and warring history of Mongolia, in which soldiers would roast their food in their sheilds which they hoisted over an open fire. Or at least that's what they tell white people. Frankly, I think that cooking food on your shield doesn't make a lot of sense. Like what if you needed it while you were cooking food? And wouldn't the grease build up and make it kind of slippery to hold onto? Picture it: Your group of soldiers is ambushed at dinner. You try and pick up your shield but it's burning hot, and your buddy has his, but shit! It just catapulted out of his hands and now he's toast. No good. But hey, what do I know. Maybe there's a taboo amongst Mongolian soldiers against fighting during dinnertime.

I'm looking into a naturopathic doctor at the moment. No, there's nothing wrong with me. I'm not ill. I'd just like to go. Ever since my pregnancy I've been fascinated by the efficacy of naturopathic medicine. I see it as somewhat of an oversight on my part. I, who constantly expounds the value of listening to undervalued narratives. This is certainly one of them. In our Western society we're so used to turning up our nose at a cure that comes in a tea, rather than a pill. Something cheap must be ineffective. But this isn't true! Big-pharma can't always be right, they can't put a patent on rasberry leaf tea, which has been utilized by women for centuries. Also, they do allergy tests at naturopathic clinics, and I want to see if I am truly allergic to shellfish. I wonder now if the shellfish I ate the times I had a bad reaction was actually bad (shellfish poisoning can sometimes look identical to an allergy) and I'm crossing my fingers. I think it would give me a whole new lease on life if I could eat a lobster. I fantasize about them. I dream about them. I look at recipes and remember the feel of soft yet crunchy lobster flesh against my teeth, drenched in garlic butter, sucking the flesh out of the little legs. Yum yum. Sea bugs.

Well this has been an odd entry, and one that took me all day to write. So now I'm going to look at lobster recipes. Good night!

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