Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Weekend of Ho-hum

Well folks, Ender is almost 9 months and boy does it show! Aside from being massive we're talking about fighting through feedings, screaming, kicking, biting. Sleep schedules disrupted. Tears (on both sides) shed. My little man is definitely going through something. Not sure if it's a growth spurt, new teeth, a new skill, or all three. He has been treading water in the arena of crawling for quite a while though. I suppose it's possible he may just be my mobile little guy soon enough. This change of personality has been especially difficult due to the fact that since christmas he has been so smiley and laugh-ey.

I went down to my mom's farm this weekend, and though I had plans to go visit friends with the baby and do ten million other things I can now no longer remember, Ender basically whimpered through the whole trip. We cut the trip short by a night, driving home in absolutely terrible foggy/snowy/rainy weather. Arguments were had between Mike and I that I'm not proud of. However, I'm not entirely sure I can be blamed due to my intense state of sleep deprivation. Once we got home, Ender had a nice big poop and was back to his normal gurgly and happy self. I have no idea what was going on there, but I am preparing myself for another night of screaming bloody hell. That way I will have bolstered the walls of my sanity.

So all in all, my weekend was very ho-hum, and a lot more work than I intended it to be. I didn't really get to relax, and I feel like I've aged about five years.

For dinner tonight I made risotto. Risotto is italian rice. Gooey, glutenous rice. I never really liked it before, but lately it has just become THE comfort food for me. I was buying it in the pre-made kraft-dinner-esque packages for a while, but tonight was my first stab at it from scratch. A third of a bottle of vermouth later, it turned out fantastic. It's actually the perfect food to make for me, because I always eff up rice because I keep checking on it, ruining the steam seal. Risotto however, is just constantly adding (broth, wine, vermouth, water, you name it) and stirring. It made me happy. My risotto was kickass.

The boys (Mike and our houseguest) were kicked out of the house to a bar, by me, an hour ago. Because Mike works evenings, Ender has become used to falling asleep on his mommy with no distractions aside from the sound of me typing and Jazz FM. I figure my hubbie deserves a little bar time anyway. My secret to a good marriage: Know when to kick your husband out for 'man time' with his friends. Even if he doesn't want to, it's good for his soul. And what is being a wife and mother, if not knowing best.

Final note: I am going to the gym this week coming up. If I do not go, everyone who reads this blog has full and complete rights to give me crap about it!

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  1. ps ... you can also turn that risotto recipe upside down and make it a desert if you like. (I'm a big fan of rice pudding). Switch stock for coconut milk, or something similar .. throw in some vanilla / maple syrup / cinnamon / dried cranberries / insert whatever you've got in your cupboard... yum ...