Saturday, January 16, 2010

Birthday Food

Birthday cake that I made for Mike today. It's angel food cake with creme anglais (had to make something so I wouldn't waste all those yolks) whipped cream, rasberries and pineapple. It was quite decadent!

In retrospect, I probably would not have used the Joy of Cooking recipe. I've heard bad things about it which I remembered after I plated the dessert. Angel food cake is very finicky, especially if you have less than fresh eggs. My mom's chickens are getting old, so there is no longer the bounty of fresh eggs in my fridge that there once was. So the cake didn't quite rise to it's full spectacle, though it was still delicious I will count it as a work in process. The creme anglais turned out perfectly though. It started to coagulate as I made it but I whisked out the clumps and continued to thicken it over medium low temperatures, and then stirred in some spiced rum and butter at the very end. It was very good and I think Miked like it. Happy birthday sweetie!

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