Monday, January 11, 2010

Catch up

Well I'm back, my dear neglected blog. Life has been crazy! I suppose that's no excuse, because life is always crazy, but this kind of insanity has kept me from blogging. The kind that keeps your arms full, and your butt off the couch. A very welcome kind of business.

So let's see what we missed:

Christmas came and went, and we were blessed to be given many gifts from loving relatives. Ender made off like a bandit, and now all his toy storage is full, and I've made peace with a large pile of toys in the middle of my carpet at all times.

Mike and I went out at night for the first time since my birthday in August (which ended with lung/ear shattering screams) to the pleasant surprise that Ender will go to sleep for my dad. Not for me, but yes, for my father. Go figure. The amount of freedom this has afforded me has been bittersweet, because although I can go out to the bar, I don't really want to. I rush Mike home so we can get home to Ender, who sleeps obliviously, sprawled out like a chubby little starfish on the couch. He doesn't mind my absence, but I certainly do. I find myself weighing every moment that I'm out. Is this brief halt in conversation really worth me being away from my child? haha. I know it's necessary though. I am a person, apart from being a mom.

I also wrote and got my LSAT scores back. I am not going to be a lawyer. There is some kind of relief in that. My scores basically say that while I scored better than 72% of the people who took the test, I have no place in law school. After some tears of disappointment, I am okay with that. Really, I agree. Now I have time to pursue more artistic dreams (more information on that to come, dear readers, I'll leave you with that tantalizing piece of half-information).

On christmas, by far Ender's best gift was his two front teeth. No joke. Two bottom teeth simultaneously broke the gums on christmas morning. How perfect! The perfect beginning to a perfect day. Since then he has been the smiliest most laughiest baby ever. Apparently he's been teething for 8 months, and only now his personality has had time to shine through.

Well, time for the morning feeding, but there will be more blogging to come!

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