Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to the grind: Version 2.0

I worked today. I have been working/volunteering/whatever you'd like to call it, at the properties company of my mom's boyfriend. Who is really a stepdad, except they're not married and I'm too old to require secondary parenting. Anyway, the prop shop has always been a place I've felt fairly comfortable. When I was little I'd bum around the prop shop (this very one, in fact) and glue pieces of string and shiny mylar to a piece of paper. I would sort buttons and generally make a quiet nuisance of myself. I was kind of dissapointed when my mom became a drama teacher. She loves it, but it's so much less interesting than describing the part of Phantom of the Opera that she created.

So now, I'm working there.

This is part and parcel of my 'take a dose of my own medicine' resolution, which is one of my many this year. More on that later. So aside from getting a mohawk (don't worry, grandma- it's very conservative), which I was always agitating Mike to do, I decided to stop moaning at my mom about how she had the coolest job in the world and go find my own. It was fun. I had fun. I hope I did a good job and I'm quite flattered at the amount of responsibility that has been afforded me. Probably to my bosses they are handing me the most bo-bo work they can think of, but anything is more exciting than sweeping. Or filing. Which I will probably be doing also. But the best part is that it's part time and flexible. I don't have to be away from my baby boy much at all, and when I am, he's spending time with his dad. Beautiful.

In a continuation of my past post, I found out yesterday from my grandmother that the part of Paris that we stayed in was actually only blocks from Julia Child's very house, and the market where we shopped was the very market where Julia shopped herself! It made me tear up a bit. I still haven't quite put my finger on why her story resonates with me so deeply. Perhaps it's the idea that one can turn 40 and still find their calling after that point. That you can be a nobody and then be a somebody way after everyone has written you off.

In that vein, I shall stave off on yet talking about my latest endeavor, dear readers. Let us just say that I have applied to a school and I hope I get in.  That if I do, it will change everything for me and my family in a big way, and that there is nothing wrong with following your bliss.

Also, I've been yearning for some spiritual peace and relaxation lately. I haven't been able to get away from the city -- the snow squalls up my mom's way always scare me. I'd hate to get in an accident with the baby in the car. As soon as it gets warm again I want to go camping, or cabin-ing (preferably) and hike and the show the baby the out of doors properly. I will let him listen to bugs and birds and the rushing flood waters of spring, grabbing at grass and dirt with his chubby little hands, and he'll look up with wonder at the dappled sunshine through the canopy of leaves. And it will be so green that the air will practically vibrate with life, and we will both breathe a sigh of relief that this godforsaken winter is over.

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