Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Importance of Sunshine

I think part of what I like so much about blogging is the ability to justify grandoise titles at least once a day.

The last week has been miserable weather. Warm, but gray. Our townhouse faces the direction of both sunrise and sunset, and is generally flooded with light. During sunny days, even in winter, we can turn off the heat and boil like orchids in a greenhouse. Surfaces are warm to the touch. Lately, however, the heat has been cranked. I wake up in the morning achey from cold and I can't seem to get warm. My outlook becomes dire. Bread doesn't rise. My son teethes and refuses to nap. I stay inside, because regardless of the warm weather, I have no need to go out if there is no sun. Both my mother and father hate the winter. I was not raised to love any winter sports, or to think of snow as creating a 'winter wonderland'. All winter long we would bitch and complain and be at eachother's throats. Then spring comes and all is forgiven.

My point is that today there is sunshine, and I didn't really notice what a terrible nose-to-the-ground kind of mood I've been in for the last seven days until the weather turned itself around. And oh, what a glorious thing sun is! Snow is falling quite rapidly, I think we may have a couple of cm by the end of the day, but I'll be just fine with that as long as the sun keeps shining.

I really can't believe how quickly the winter has been going. This is my first winter with a baby and I'm guessing that's why. Kids are such time sucks, in the best way possible. It's almost February, and I consider that to be the last month of winter.

Today I made pierogi from scratch with Mike's assistance. They were amazing. A bit-time consuming, but totally worth it.

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