Tuesday, April 28, 2009


1 week overdue.

Last night Mike and I went for a drive down the waterfront. Our plan was to go for a walk. Unfortunately, after nine is the worst time to try and find parking there. We drove up and down one stretch of street four times before I flipped out and told him to take me home. He didn't, and parked in the airport island ferry parking lot. Thank the good lord for this man, who ignores my screeching and puts up with me.

After I calmed down, it was really the loveliest walk imaginable. The air was very warm and the breeze was light. The lake was almost still and reflected the light in little pinpoints from the sailboats in the marina. We walked to Lower Spadina and sat on the 'wave boardwalk' sitting and talking and staring at the lake. It felt like we were dating again. It also reminded me a little of when we lived in Halifax, and used to go for walks by the waterfront at night. It's different of course, the lake doesn't have that wharfy smell or the dynamism of the ocean, but there's something about sitting by a large body of water that soothes two parties into a restful, easy conversation that couldn't have occurred anywhere else. They should have international peace negotiations in front of bodies of water in the summertime. I'm sure it would do wonders, especially when the wind picks up and drowns out everything they thought was important.

By the end of the walk I was getting painful contractions and the baby was sitting so low I needed to get home. When I start to feel this way a car ride is incredibly painful. Every bump is torture; I gasp involuntarily as Mike swerves around attempting to avoid the potholes that litter the spring streets. Some streets are worse than others. The ones around our house are the worst. When it comes to the municipal purse, ours is a forgotten neighborhood. Our sidewalks were nearly blocked with ice and snow all winter, keeping many elderly residents housebound; our power went out for a full 35 hours on the coldest day of winter; our water gets shut on and off on a regular basis with less than two hours notice; and now our roads are being completely ignored. Mais, c'est la vie. If it weren't this way, it would just be one more neighborhood where we couldn't afford rent.

So if I don't go into labour tonight or early tomorrow morning, I have to go get my biophysical profile done at the hospital. Well not mine really, but the baby's. He'll get his little lungs looked at my ultrasound, and a battery of other tests to make sure the placenta is still giving him all he needs to survive inside of me. I think tonight's the night though. I can feel it. Or tomorrow. haha.

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