Saturday, April 25, 2009


4 days overdue.

It's a gorgeous day out. It's only 11 o'clock and it's already in the twenties. Mike and I stood outside for a little while, enjoying the sunshine. The plan is to go find a patio to have lunch on, if they're not all full. We have a car, so it shouldn't be difficult to roam around and find one. My heart starts to beat too hard from overexertion if I just stand for too long, which is a strange sensation. The baby is still happy in my womb, it would seem. Mike lightly jiggles my belly with his hands every once in a while, urging him to come out and meet us. He doesn't want to. I've decided I am making peace with this today.

There have been many times that we've talked about moving somewhere with better weather. We are young, transient, with very few obligations that keep us in one city. I like to live this way, even though home ownership has been an idea that's been batted around lately. Not having to endure another winter (though by far this one, combined with pregnancy, was one of my worst) is an incredibly appealing thought. However, I suspect that if we lived in a place where the weather was fine most days of the week, and I didn't own a winter jacket, I would in some ways feel cheated out of the unadulterated joy that the first warm sunny day of the year brings. It's like christmas morning for me; I open one eye just a little when I wake up, noticing the sky is blue. Cautiously, I open the window next to our bed and stick my hand out to feel a warm breeze. Warm! It means so many things! Sandals. A day outside. That delicious city smell; a mix between rotting fish guts and sunshine. Fantastic.

I seem to have lost my attention on this post, half way through. I meant to write more, but I am distracted. More later.

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