Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Activists need not apply

8 days overdue.

The biophysical profile at the hospital went well. It seems baby boy is healthy and from what I could tell, has a very fat little face!

So my dear blog followers, are you going crazy with waiting yet? I certainly am. I actually laid in bed for a while today, arms petulantly crossed: "I'm not getting out," I said to my baby "until you at least try to." Both he, and my bladder, won. It would seem that it has come to a battle of wills, and I'm losing. I'm not at all surprised considering his father and I are both pig-headed to the point of insanity. Thank goodness we have internet at home, which slices most 'I'm right and you're wrong' arguments in half with regard to duration.

Another midwife appointment tomorrow, another attempt at the 'stretch and sweep' hopefully with better results than last time. Then another biophysical profile on Saturday. Between the calls, e-mails and trips to the hospital, I'm feeling rushed. I can't imagine how liesurely it would have been to have gone into labour a couple of days before my due date.

Now, Mike and I are off for a picnic, which will serve the purpose to help me forget that waiting is driving me mad. He tried to nap, but I'll have none of that! I need mental stimulation, and plenty of it.

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