Sunday, April 11, 2010


Well, I'm not sure if I've been mentioning this lately in my blog, but I've been in the market for a new couch. I use the word 'new' very lightly, as there's no way we can afford an actually new couch straight from the factory smelling of foam rubber. New to us. I've been trolling the craigslist and kijiji ads for months. I never cease to be amazed by what people will ask for, for an absolute piece of ugly crap. There was one ad where a guy was trying to sell two ends of a sectional for a hundred bucks. It didn't meet up. It was made of that hideous, uncomfortable velvet poly stuff, and was covered in stains. Buddy, I wouldn't pick that out of the trash, let alone pay you a hundred dollars for it.

Our current couch is falling apart. It was my dad's, and both he, I, and several boyfriends have been hard on it. There is the one arm, where the chenille melted when I rested a hot pan on it, back when my kitchen was my living room. There are cigarette holes, from when we used to smoke inside. There are stains, from when I didn't have a dining room and we always ate on the sofa. Worst of all is a large tear that has exposed all the fiber fill, which Ender pulls out in clumps and tries to eat. I don't blame him. It looks yummy, but the texture leaves something to be desired.

But we found a sofa! I finally had honed in what I was looking for. It is in the French provencal style, kind of antiquey looking but probably from the 70s. It's covered in Ivory damask, but we are reupholstering. I haven't yet gone to the fabric store, but I have a firm idea of what I want.

Currently, my house is entirely decorated in burgundy velvet with gold accents and dark wood. Very bordello/shabby chic. Normally I would've said more burgundy velvet for the sofa, but that was before I found this hotel:

The Gramercy Park Hotel looks as though it was decorated by my dreams. It also has the unique idea to pair burgundy with the very unlikely electric blue. But as you can see it looks fabulous. If I can't find the right colour of blue I may go with sage, but blue is ideal.

Um. Yeah. I'm pretty excited.

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