Monday, April 19, 2010


I wish I liked the show, The Tudors better. I mean, it's a series for godssake. A period drama that has an unending parade of glorious Tudor-era gowns and doublets. Right up my alley, you'd think. For some reason though, no one can do a period series like the BBC. There is something unabashed and honest about their retelling of history, with just the right dash of wry wit. For instance, if the BBC were to do a series on King Henry VIII, they would replace the rugged, handsome actor that played him in his youth with someone fat and unappealing. Because King Henry was fat an unappealing when he advanced in years. To avoid this fact is frustrating for anyone who knows the slightest bit about Tudor history. But the British, they would not be afraid to have someone ugly on camera. They wouldn't lose their viewership for it, either.

The last few days have been incredibly rough. I keep describing it as The Worst Week Ever. I mean, I'm sure there have been worse weeks. But this week just seems to keep getting worse. First my wrists sieze up to the point where I have to bolster them with ace bandages and braces, which sets me on all these thoughts about an inability to work, to sew, to pursue my dreams. Then, Ender seems to have caught a bug, or was teething, or something. Either way, it made him very uncomfortable and feverish. It made everything go back to the way it was when he was two weeks old. Constant crying. No one allowed to hold him except for me. No solid foods. Breastfeeding every two hours. Meltdowns in the bathtub. My poor little fellow was suffering something fierce. No sleep was had. No spare moments. I'm not actually sure when the last time was I brushed my teeth, but I'm pretty sure its been a while. Anyway, enough wallowing in details. It was one of the more challenging experiences of parenthood. The fever seems to have broke, and now I feel as though I've only now just caught my breath, and sink blissfully into my sofa, back to my blog, back to normalcy.

I pray that tomorrow will be an improvement, for all of us.


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