Friday, June 25, 2010


Oh my, it seems my infrequent blog posts means I've lost some of my readership! Ah well. I never meant for the thing to become as popular as it did. I guess at one point I ran out of stuff that was stored up in my mind, and had to rely on things that were happening in my life. And sometimes things just don't. Happen, that is.

But something has happened. We sold the house conditionally. I have to say, without giving out too many details of the whole experience, that it has given me pause for future home purchases. The realtor's job on the other side is just to make your house sound like a complete piece of shit so that you agree with them that it is worth nothing. Less than nothing. That they are doing you a favour by buying. Slimy slimy. Doesn't help that Toronto is a shark's game. Anyway, all told we made a profit. Not bad for only one year of living there, really.

Ok, this is a short entry because I'm tired. More soon though, I promise!

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