Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back to food again...

Ah, Nova Scotia. I can practically hear the crashing waves in the distance, the squawking seagulls and smell the briny air. A place where you can wait in a drug store line for ten minutes and no one gets mad. Real estate is reasonable, and people are friendly.


Ingredients are sorely lacking. And while immigration has started to flesh out the restaurant choices in Halifax, the grocery store items are limited, at best. So I've begun an enterprise to cook all the weirdness out of my system before we go. At the moment, I'm in a Japanese phase, and have stocked the fridge with two kinds of seaweed, daigon radish, lotus root, kimchi (Korean, but delicious), wasabe mayo and miso paste.

Bye bye, dr. Atkins.

The Atkins diet worked great, by the way. It taught me a lot about the way I eat, and I lost 20 (!) pounds in total over a month. Now, I am challenging myself to make healthy choices within a reasonable range of foods. Permanent changes? Less sugar and refined flour in general. I never realised how much I relied on starch to replace veggies, and my love of baking didn't help! I also learned that fruit doesn't unequivocally equal healthy. It has tonnes of sugar in it, and should be eaten in moderation. Gone are the days of gorging on a bag of oranges.

Speaking of healthy eating, my reluctant little eater is making huge steps. He'll shove things in his mouth now and give a look of joy at the strangest foods. Tonight's menu was bitter melon, which is an aquired taste, but he ate it with relish, looking for more. He also ate a whole strawberry, quite politely, while watching the end of a movie with my brother and sister in-law. I love my son. He is fantastic.

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