Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Plan

My life has been somewhat boring lately. For dinner I had halal canned chicken lunchmeat, a hard boiled egg and a jar of artichoke hearts, chopped into little pieces and tossed together. It reminded me of some post-war recipe for a 'salad' you'd get out of a Good Housekeeping magazine. It was ok, if not bland and depressing. Afterwards, to top it all off, with apropriate lonesome compulsion, I ate several handfuls of belgian chocolate sprinkles straight from the box, making sure to lick the stray grains from the creases where my fingers meet my hand. mmm. Grainy chocolate goodness. Now I'm watching episodes of the space-western series Firefly, which I don't really like, but the costumes are steam-punky and enough to capture my imagination. And this, folks, is why I should never be left to my own devices.

Today I've begun weaning again, in earnest. At the moment Ender is breastfeeding before his two naps at 10:30am and 3:00pm and before bed at 7:30 and then through the night. Honestly, I'm perfectly happy to have him nurse as much as he wants through the night, but the daytime feedings are really starting to irk me. I remember watching mother goats (my main reference on lactation) kicking their young away when they were ready to wean. While I wouldn't go so far as kicking, I definitely have been unlatching him more often lately, hoping he'll stop. All those mushy maternal feelings about breastfeeding are fading, slowly.

I'm attempting to drop the morning feeding first. Today, we were faced with half an hour of crying, followed by half an hour of sleep, after which he woke up and began crying again. I gave him an egg yolk and he was fine. This was an unusually short nap, and I think he made up for it in his afternoon nap, which still includes breastfeeding. I'm going to keep up with this schedule for the next week or two, and if it starts to go more smoothly, I'm going to cut out the nursing at the 3:00 point also.

Frankly, I've been putting off making a plan for this whole thing for a while. Now, it has recently become convenient to put off other tasks of greater magnitude, so I am focusing on this. All things in their due time.

Also, I've gotten a specialists appointment for my CTS which is looking inevitibly surgery bound. I don't mind, but it probably won't happen until next summer, if I don't get my appointment bumped. It seems that surgery is the only thing that can fix it, according to my doctor. In the meanwhile, I can get cortisone shots. It's making the constant housework of having a toddler very difficult (not to mention lifting and carrying the little guy), so I'm looking forward to some kind of relief.

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