Monday, May 24, 2010


Today is Mike and I's second anniversary. What a wonderful man, who is letting me celebrate it the way I like: getting stuff done.

After much vacillation, we have pretty much decided (to try) to sell. Which means moving A LOT of our stuff out of the house for showings. Having a toddler around, destroying everything in sight means that it's not realistic to keep on living here while we show the place. It would be too much stress. Instead, we're staying at my mother-in-laws for a few weeks (hopefully less), hiring cleaners, and emptying out the place of any and all clutter. That way, it gets cleaned once and it'll stay that way. I know it will sell, the place has increased in value ridiculously since we bought it during the recession, and they average 12 days on the market, but still. The 'what if' is getting to me. I've kind of got it in my mind that we will buy a house in Halifax, since the apartment market is tres crappy. It's pretty much the same price as Toronto, due to it being a university town.

We recently took a trip down to the country to see my mom, which was long overdue. We relaxed in a hammock once the weather got nicer, slept, I didn't cook, and it was lovely. We also briefly stopped by the 1st birthday party of a friend of mine's son, who was running circles around Ender. It's so funny to see him around other kids. He's definitely an only child. He doesn't freak out when they take his toys, he just looks incredibly confused. His voice is so soft and mild in comparison. I think he's loud, but he's actually quite soft spoken. During the visit to my mom's, he did stand independently for a little while, which confirms my hypothesis that he can stand on his own, he's just scared. Most of the time he's just dragging his hand on the furniture as he cruises along, not actually leaning. Ah well, all these things will come in due time.

Sleep has improved quite a bit in our household also. Ender has begun accepting that he can't take ALL his naps on his mom, and is sleeping quite happily in our bed. Not right now, though. Because our house is absolute chaos as we prepare to move things out, he is curled up in a little ball of perfection on my lap.

Tonight I think my dad (babysitter extrordinare) will be watching Ender, and I Mike and I will be going out to dinner to celebrate the most auspicious occasion of our wedding. Probably a steak house, since that's all we're eating at the moment. I picture us twining our fingers together over candlelight. Uninterrupted touch is something that is highly underrated. I don't think we've hugged for more than two seconds in the presence of our little man.

Oh, and how is the diet going? I lost 15 pounds. In one week. Boo-yah.

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