Friday, February 26, 2010

Polenta and mohawks, oh my!

You know when you make something and it's just so delicious that you have to share it with everyone you see? Well, I see you, dear reader, and you need this recipe:

Polenta Vegetarian Lasagne
1 package ready-made polenta
1 can spaghetti sauce with two cloves garlic crushed and mixed in (because spaghetti sauce is boring otherwise)
1 cup mozzerella cheese
1 cup parmesean cheese

Cut polenta into long strips, and layer with spaghetti sauce, mozzerella and parmesean. Repeat until casserole is filled. Bake, covered with tinfoil for 30 minutes at 400. Remove tinfoil, and broil until cheese begins to bubble and brown.

Yum! Vegetarian and soooo delicious. I dislike corn as well as lasagne, so that's saying something.

Today I got myself into some retail therapy and feel ten million times better. I bought some cute dual colour stockings, which I saw on Andrea's blog and just had to have. Also, a pencil skirt, batwing sweater (all in black of course, because I am so exciting) and two tank tops. I went to American Apparel with the hopes of injecting some colour in my wardrobe. Alas, no such luck. I guess I just have to rely on my hair.

This also makes me happy, because my mohawk wasn't exactly turning out the way I wanted it to. Now, I've figured it out, so I can have super awesome hair every day. I just need the weather to cooperate.

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