Saturday, May 23, 2009


I've started a lot of posts, but not posted any of them. Most of them were weepy, boring and not really what I wanted to contribute to cyberspace. Everything is going well. Dare I say I feel used to being a mom now? That would probably be an overstatement. But I love routine, and I've finally fallen into the routine of having a baby. Nothing really bothers me as long as I can predict it and organize my life around it. It's weird really, that I enjoy anything habitual and I am such a disorganized person...anyway, I mostly know when I can fit things in here and there.

Mike goes back to work week after next and I'm terrified of that. It will change my routine, and I'll have to work it out all over again. He has been such an amazing help, holding and playing with Ender when I need to sleep, changing diapers and making dinner when I was completely conked. Of course, I can handle it on my own, but it's the little things: getting the stroller down the stairs by myself, getting him to his ten billion appointments in the next two weeks, and keeping him happy (and myself sane) through the course of the day. I've had people recommend moms groups to me, and I'm not sure how well that will work out. Toronto moms my age are few and far between. Its an expensive city to live in, and people who can afford to have kids in the GTA are usually way older than me and completely removed from my socioeconomic class. I need to find some kind of cool punk-rockity moms group, otherwise I don't' think there's any point of me going and feeling uncomfortable. Of course, that's probably the reason why I have so few friends.

Other news in my life: we're still looking for a house. We're looking at more on Monday, they're actually condo/townhomes in the area we used to live in. It's more downtown than we are now, which would be really nice. I miss living downtown, closer to Queen W. These townhomes are two bedrooms, two bath, two stories and have a rooftop terrace. The condo fees are 150-2oo, which is negligible compared to the going rate everywhere else in the city which is 400-500 per month. For many reasons, I look forward to home ownership. Mostly I want Ender to have a place to call home that we own, be able paint his room, have a dishwasher, and these townhomes would suit that purpose for the next 5 years, maximum, enough for its value to appreciate and let us upgrade to something larger when we needed it.

Also, I NEED to go shopping and SOON. All I have for clothes is two pair of jeans that are too big and a nursing tank top. I bought myself some shirts for postpartum but they're too small and the ones that fit are no good for nursing. It's dismal and depressing. I have prego dresses that fit, but I'm sick to death of them and they're not incredibly summery. I'm still waiting for my tax return to arrive, which will be spent on the following:
1. A pedicure. My feet look terrible, now that I can see them again.
2. A haircut. My hair has returned to normal, and I feel like I can cut it again without ending up with something that looks silly.
3. Sandals. Who wears socks in the summer? Not me.
4. Summery dresses and t-shirts with good boob access
5. A baby carrier. Ender hates his sling. He cries when I put him in it regardless of his mood, so we need to take him to a store and try out a bunch of them. We also need this for our trip to Calgary this summer, as he'll be too small for the umbrella-type strollers which are the only kind you're allowed to take as carry on on the plane.

Phew. Ok, I need to get back to life now. By the way, I am in awe of anyone with more than one kid. How do they do it with time to wash, get dressed and be seen in public??

Also, I haven't started smoking again. I thought I would, but it just didn't happen *shrugs*

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  1. Hooray for routine! Life is so much more enjoyable when you can predict your schedule. And hooray for not smoking! I didn't realize that you were a smoker in the first place, but just think of the money (if not the years of your life!)that you'll be saving! :)
    As for the Mommy groups...I haven't had good experiences. I'm sure that there are good ones out there, but eve here in Dundalk it seemed a bit "cliquey". The moms were all much older than me, and knew each other. I just felt like they were looking down their noses at my inexperience. If you are looking for "punk-rockity" moms, you HAVE to read this blog...
    You're gonna LOVE it! I'm addicted.
    You shouldn't be in awe of me (having 2 babes)...really. Because the way you've described it is a big fat lie. I manage just fine, because I simply *don't* wash, get dressed, or make myself presentable for public :) Most days I can be found sitting in my pj's, unshowered. I figure, I'm just gonna end up covered in peanut butter and spit-up before the day is through, so why bother? I shower at the end of the day when the kids go to bed, and yep - put on a clean pair of pyjamas, lol :) If it *is* required to go out in public, I do try to look presentable...but I have to wake up a couple hours earlier just to get everyone ready.
    Good luck house-hunting! It's great to have a place you can call home - I would hate living in a rented space, I need to feel settled.