Sunday, January 23, 2011


"I think I am getting sick."

I received this text from Mike on wednesday night and my stomach dropped. My mind started racing. Sick? The last time he got sick, the illness got to us all, incapacitating us into whining sniveling family unit for over three weeks. It's truly terrifying. The best you can hope for is that everyone will get sick around the same time, close to a weekend, far from exams, and that if (god forbid) there are complications, it is when the clinic is open. It's a nasty thing to have to wait in the hospital for four hours.

Now, on Sunday, Mike is mostly better, Ender has yet to get sick (knock wood) and i am sitting with a raging fever waiting for the clinic to open. The nurse line that I called recommended that I go, a decision that I would not have made for myself. Though sitting in bed all day yesterday hacking my lungs up wasn't pleasant, it was far superior to waiting in a doctors office. The nurse thinks i have a lung infection, and I have no doubt that this is the truth. I also know that I would be just fine without antibiotics, thank you very much, but Mike makes his puppy dog eyes at me and I have to go.

Hopefully this will resolve itself soon...until next time.

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